Application to Organize the House – Learn How to Use and Download

It takes you longer, and you probably incur high expenses to plan and get someone to organize your house. What if I tell you some applications are really good and highly effective, and you can use their help to manage your home with ease? 

Smartphones give us more power than we can imagine. Think of it like you can get everything done, known or unknown, by just consulting your phone.

Sortly: Inventory Simplified is one of the best home inventory organizing apps. With this app, you get to skip through guesswork and learn more about house arrangement and general house organizing.

Application to Organize the House - Learn How to Use and Download

About Sortly: Inventory Simplified

Sortly: Inventory Simplified app is best known for its multiple purposes. Being a cross-platform app, it helps you take note, organize your daily chores, manage your tasks effectively, and ensure you achieve your sole goal and much more.

You get to organize your daily chores into different folders hence you easily locate what you’re looking for. 

Other uses of the same include recipe keeping, project management, and it can act as a digital file cabinet. This makes it very appealing and convenient for all persons with different needs. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android. 

It’s designed in a way to keep your home life running easy and smooth. This makes planning and organizing even more effortless.  

Its Purpose 

Sortly: Inventory Simplified works best as your assistance. The app lays down a streamlined platform that mainly helps you compose a to-do-list, links your ideas, performs household maintenance, and organizes all kinds of house inventory, budget planning, and article saving

With sortly you get to record all details needed for each item in your home. This includes; purchase date, serial number, warranty, SKU number among others. You can as well export your items to PDF, Evernote or Dropbox. . 

How to Use Sortly: Inventory Simplified to Organize Your Home

This app generally does come in handy for anyone looking for a digital way to keep your home organized, clean, and neat, with all the events flowing consequently. Have a look at some of these ways.

  • Manual saving – This app helps you to do extensive online manual research as well as a download option. In case you don’t find your interested copy online, there is a feature to scan your paper copyright into the app.
  • Use Sortly – Inventory Simplified to simplify problematic home care practices. It helps you to create printable QR labels. This means that you can easily move the boxes and get its contents.  
  • Recipe organization – You can add recipes to the app via this app. All you have to do either type them in, take a phone, or even scan them. 
  • Meal planning it sometimes gets hard to determine what to cook every day. You can simplify the hassle by creating a note linked to each day meal recipe for easier planning. 
  • Design changes – Organizing a home will often include design change. With Sortly, you get to save your ideas, design updates, among others.

How to get Sortly: Inventory Simplified

For android users, visit the Google Play store on the search bar, type Sortly: Inventory Simplified app and proceed with your download. You can also go here for a direct download. 

If you need it for iOS download here. For installation, follow the guiding steps for your respective operating system. 

Is Sortly: Inventory Simplified free?

Yes, only to the primary level. However, you’ll need to cough up $24.99 to work with $4.99 per month for the premium level. The features of the same are more consistent as per which level you use.

It is vital to note that Sortly: Inventory Simplified basic version limits you from exceeding a certain MB amount of current notes in a month, includes no advanced features, and only lets you sync between 2 devices.  

Other Alternatives 

Even though we picked Sortly: Inventory simplified as our top home organizing app, there are other alternatives to this. All of which are as effective and can help you plan and organize your home with ease.

Some of these apps include: Evernote, Chore Monster, Closet+, Cozi Family Organizer, and brightNest. Each of these apps is special in their way. There is nothing wrong with trying a different app if you feel more you need to do and achieve.  

Application to Organize the House - Learn How to Use and Download


Sometimes it’s hard to plan and organize your home. This appears to be more challenging for people with tight schedules and are always on the move. Finding that right app like Sortly will leave your home organized with ease and in the minimum time possible.