And the final one…

Hi folks – today I’m finalizing the basic listing part of the process… finally… 🙂 As I’ve mentioned in my previous posy, the final group is related with “Clothing”.

For a new born baby you don’t need so much clothes – mainly many bodysuits will work for you (A small tip : When you buy something buy at list 2 of them. Because you will this very quickly: as soon as you put on the new clothes to your baby, he/she spills something in a minute…  You will need to change him/her again. Especially considering you won’t have time for laundry every day, having multiple similar kind of clothes will help you a lot). Here is the list for important clothing for your new born;

A. Bodysuits
B. Gowns
C. Footies
D. Mittens and Caps
E. Socks

Yep; by now you have an idea what kind of gear you need for a new born baby. However, I’m sure you have many questions in your mind :

  • what are these items?
  • which brands are good?
  • what will I need immediately?
  • which ones can wait for a little?
  • do I need 1 of each? or will I need more?
  • do i need to buy the most expensive ones? or the cheaper ones will work, too?
  • can I find second hand ones?
  • etc…

Don’t worry – you are not alone… We had similar questions in our minds when we were expecting our first kid. We spend hours and hours in front of computer (and still we are), we have read many books (and still reading), we have talked to our friends (and still talking)… The thing that I’m trying to say is; this is a process which never ends… So, be ready 🙂 I hope I will be able to help you during this adventure…  🙂