Amazon Baby Registry – Create Yours Today!

It’s an exciting but difficult time for many to become a new parent. Preparing the little one for entrance into the world is no small job. There are plenty of items to consider purchasing, but thankfully, you don’t have to make the decision on your own.

Making a baby registry shows your family and friends what products you want and need when you’re preparing for the arrival of your baby. There are several retailers where you can start a baby registry, and each provides a different layout and advantages for potential parents.

You can set up a baby registry with quite a few big-name stores and websites. Amazon not only carries over 250,000 baby items, but also has aggressive pricing that makes saving money very easy.

Amazon Baby Registry - Create Yours Today!
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Overview of an Amazon Baby Registry

Amazon’s baby registry is becoming a common choice evermore. It makes sense — Amazon Prime has more than 100 million customers worldwide, and many people admit that they are most likely to continue their quest for online shopping at Amazon. 

So, chances are some (or all) of the people who will buy gifts from your registry will have Amazon Prime, or at least be quite familiar with Amazon’s shopping experience. The familiarity, together with Amazon’s huge product selection, low prices, and special bonuses make the site a great choice to start your baby registration

You are given a link so that your friends and family can locate your registry quickly or search by name on Amazon’s main page. 

Features of Amazon Baby Registry 

Here are some of Amazon Baby Registry’s features and benefits.

You Get a 10% Pick Products Coupon

If this a great offer. However, you get 15 percent if you are a member of Amazon Family or Prime.

Here’s how it works: select items you will buy from your registry personally within 30 days of your baby’s due date (up to $5,000) and get an extra 10 percent off.

You’re lucky if you have all of your things from your registry purchased for you. For others, the fact is that you need to buy some of the remaining items. This coupon, combined with already low prices from Amazon, is fantastic! Getting Amazon Family gives you 15 percent off for an even better coupon!

Friends and Family Will Ship to You Directly

With an Amazon baby registry, your friends and family can ship the products to you directly. With this feature, you get your items as soon as possible!

Easy and Quick Returns

With Amazon, you have 90-days to return any items you receive. Amazon provides quick and easy returns. And don’t worry, Aunt Betty does not know you’ve given her gift back.

Friends and Family Will Label Items Purchased in Shops as “Bought” on Your Registry

Amazon has an excellent feature that allows your friends and family to label an item on your registry as “Bought.” So, after checking your registry, they can go to their local baby store, buy any of the items, and take it off your registry.

Find everything you need and more for your child. Amazon has so many items that you can really find everything you need, plus other items that you didn’t think you wanted.

Add Goods from Any Place and Not Just Amazon

You can link items to your Amazon registry from other sites. If you like an object not carried by Amazon and want to add it to your list by some chance, Amazon makes it simple! This is done by merely adding a tool from the Amazon site to your browser.

How to Create an Amazon Baby Registry

  1. From the Amazon website, go to Register for Babies. From the navigation screen, you can also pick Gift Cards & Registry, and then choose Baby Registry.
  2. Click The Start button.
  3. Follow guidance on-screen.
  4. You can edit details about the profile in About you.
  5. Friends and family can find your registry by looking for the co-registrant’s name when you fill out Add a Co-Registrant.
  6. Your chosen shipping address is confidential. Users who display your registry will see only the name, the city, and the state.
  7. When you want to post your registry with your preferences on it may take up to 72 hours for your new registry to appear on
  8. Tap on Build Registry for Babies.
Amazon Baby Registry - Create Yours Today!
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Amazon Baby Registry behaves just like every other registry. You can browse thousands of items from diapers to strollers to breastfeeding products with a click of a mouse. You simply add certain items to your registry when you find things you need. Try out these tips now!