Amazing! Baby Is Born Holding His Mother’s IUD

Doctors witness all kinds of stuff when working with patients, and it takes a lot to shock them, but when a strange object came out with him, an obstetrician in Vietnam couldn’t help but take a picture of the baby boy!

Apparently, the baby boy can be seen clasping the yellow and black intrauterine system of his mother in his hand at Hai Phong International Hospital in the northern Vietnam town of Hai Phong. 

How could that happen? Learn more about this extraordinary birth by reading this article! 

Amazing! Baby Is Born Holding His Mother's IUD
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What Are IUDs? 

The odds of being born are 1 in 10, an estimated scientist, at the power of 2,685,000. And, one Vietnamese baby boy has shown just how hard he fought to be that one. 

VNExpress International, an English-language Vietnamese news site, reported on July 1 that the failed contraceptive came out from the uterus of the mother along with her newborn son. The baby then apparently took the gadget into his young hands.

IUDs are birth control devices that are implanted into the uterus in the shape of a letter “T”. According to Planned Parenthood, IUDs are more than 99 percent effective in preventing pregnancies because, unlike condoms or birth control pills, there is virtually no chance for people to misuse or forget them. 

Accidentally conceiving because of a failed IUD, however, may be risky because it might lead to ectopic pregnancy or one that happens outside the uterus. That could then cause the tubes of the IUD to burst, leading to life-threatening bleeding.

How IUDs Fail

An IUD could fail if the health care provider does not position it correctly, or if it is expelled from the uterus. All human anatomy varies slightly from individual to individual, and the uterus comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and positions. 

Someone with a uterus that is smaller than average, shaped, or atypically positioned may be more at risk of IUD failure because if the device is not in the proper position, it may be less effective or more likely to be expelled. 

While the copper IUD does not contain hormones, for comparison and clarity, we have included their failure rates here.

The Unstoppable Birth of a Baby Boy

Pictures showing the newborn, eyes still closed, and grasping the IUD, were posted on the public Facebook page of the hospital and more than 4,000 times liked and shared. 

The story has since gone viral worldwide. This was after it was picked up by international news outlets, like Univision Noticias, which featured the story at 65,000 likes on its Instagram. 

The unnamed 34-year-old mum had the device inserted two years ago, according to her doctors. She found out around eight months ago that the “miracle of life” had bypassed the IUD.

Amazed at the moment, Dr. Tran Viet Phuong took the photo and posted these on Facebook Tuesday, June 30.

Where Is the Boy Now

Amazing! Baby Is Born Holding His Mother's IUD

The healthy baby at birth, weighing 7lbs, and after birth, it’s reported that both mother and child were under observation at the hospital. According to reports, the mother had two other children before. 

The coil will avoid sperm fertilizing the eggs of a woman and may function either by releasing copper or hormones after being inserted into the uterus of a woman. 


After her baby’s pictures went viral, Netizens expressed their congratulations. Of course, they didn’t get lost on the irony of a baby coming out of the womb holding a contraceptive.