9 Month Baby Development – What To Expect

Your baby is 9 months old, and the countdown to their first birthday party has officially begun! What a great milestone for your baby to achieve. It is always amazing watching a little one grow month by month.

Now, this is what is going on with your baby at 9 months; they are constantly on the go, non-stop crawling. Your baby just wants to crawl all over the house. They must also be turning into a budding comedian who will do just about anything to see people laugh.

At this age, they will also be mimicking the sounds that you make and trying to speak too. What a great month it is for you and your baby.

9 Month Baby Development - What To Expect
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You should be used to their fake cough by now which they are probably repeating over and over again for effect. Your baby’s playtime is also becoming a little more sophisticated as their understanding of the world around them increases.

When you play peek-a-boo with your baby, you will realize that they don’t look so scared, because they now understand the game.

Their Senses

Their senses have greatly improved by now and you will notice it. They can see much further than they could before. In fact, your baby can notice a toy that is across the room. They can also easily focus on a quick-moving object.

Textures and shapes are captivating to your baby, and you may notice them getting excited touching and feeling things. They can even make out different shapes.


At this age, your baby will enjoy staring at and manipulating moving objects, trying to figure out how they work. This is an exciting time to expose your baby to new things.

You will often find your baby concentrating while holding a toy or staring intently at items that interest them.

What Can You Do To Stimulate Their Sight?

You can change their crib, add some new images with different colors in the crib, or simply change the direction of the crib so it is facing the opposite side, just to allow your baby to see different things.

Take your baby out as often as you can to the park, the supermarket, the library, and anywhere you feel they will be stimulated because. Your baby enjoys this more than you can ever know.

Taste And Smell

Since you introduced solid foods, you have been exploring your baby’s taste buds constantly, trying to see what they will eat. This is yet another great month for the exploration of your baby’s tastes.

Keep offering your baby a variety of food and do not give up if he or she doesn’t seem to like it right away. It may take as many as 10 tries for your baby to learn to like a certain food.

Most babies will be able to show you if they like it or not. They may scrunch up their noses, spit it out, or simply close their mouths. If this happens, change their diet and try out something else.

What Can You Do To Stimulate Their Taste?

For this, keep trying out different meals and foods to see which one works for your baby. Start exploring their sense of smell by using scents to help your baby understand the world better.

Taking a trip to the mall can give them exposure to a variety of different smells. Check their face to see if they can react to the smells. Most kids are able to make faces that clearly showcase their feelings.

9 Month Baby Development - What To Expect
Image Source: Wikipedia.org


What a great time for your baby! 9-month-old babies are truly such a delight because they seem to understand more of the world around them.

Take time again for yourself as a parent, as you must constantly be on your feet and alert all the time. All in all, enjoy your baby.