8 Month Baby Development – What To Expect

At 8 months old, your little bundle of joy must be very busy. It is a time for your baby to explore, crawl, and simply discover the world. They will also be putting everything in their mouth, so be on the lookout to ensure they do not endanger themselves.

Your baby will be practicing everything they have learned. Playtime will be so much more fun because they now have a better ability to focus on what is around them and what you are doing.

Here is what you should expect from your little one; they will be laughing a lot, exploring every corner of your house, experimenting with new words, discovering new things, and trying to walk while holding themselves up.

8 Month Baby Development - What To Expect
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If you are very lucky, you may hear the words you have been waiting to hear since they were born; “mama, or dada.” Now, their comprehension is still limited, but they may be able to understand a few words such as “no,” which at this point, let’s be honest, you will be saying a lot.

What you may notice is that at this age, they are gravitating more towards stuffed animals and may actually have one of as their all-time favorite. While adding this line of toys to their selection, look for the well-stitched ones that can be washed easily.

Other toys you should be considering now are small balls, pop-up toys, large teddys, and nesting cylinders.

Your baby may start showing signs of separation anxiety which means they will be screaming their little heart out whenever you leave the room. Your baby also may also be very wary of strangers.

Always be quick to reassure them when this happens or try distracting them when you need to leave so they do not see you. It is quite normal and part of growing up for your baby.

How Does Your Baby Look At 8 Months?

In just 8 months, you can clearly see that your baby has changed a lot in terms of looks. They should appear to be their very own person, even if you can see some similarities in terms of who they look like in the family.

Your baby should be very strong now, especially in their hand muscles. They should be able to pull themselves up into a standing position easily. Your baby’s pincer grasp should also be very well developed by now.

They should weigh between 17.5 – 19.0 pounds and their height should be between 27.1 – 27.8 inches.


Their senses have greatly improved by now and you will notice. Your little one can see much further than they could before. In fact, they can notice a toy that is across the room.

Textures and shapes are captivating to your babu, and you may notice them getting excited touching and feeling things. They can even make out different shapes.


Not only are they able to see far away things, but they can also be able to focus on things that are moving.

Their motor skills are working hand in hand with his eyesight, and it’s likely that when they see an object, your baby will be able to focus on it, move towards it, pick it up and probably try to put it in their mouth.

They are now very good with familiar faces, and will always react positively when they see one. Likewise, they will react if they see a stranger by crying or showing fear.

At this age, they will enjoy staring and manipulating moving objects, trying to figure out how they work. Take your baby out often to look at new images and point out signs and labels to them.


At this age, your baby is able to feel and touch different objects, and pick up what they want. They are exploring a lot and crawling all over, so keep things that may be a danger out of their reach, such as hot objects, sharp things, and even dirty toys.

Holding and hugging your baby is still important at 8 months. So, keep doing it often. It does not alter their growth in any way or make them weak. Cuddle your baby often, sing to them as they sleep, and hold them when they cry.

A Day In Their Life

An 8-month-old baby requires a lot of attention. This is because they are quite alert and have learned a few more things since last month. This calls for a lot of hands-on care.

They are also constantly putting things in their mouth and trying to open drawers. So, it is about time you childproof your home if you haven’t already.

Your baby is very mobile now and is likely exploring new-found skills such as crawling and rolling. Give them plenty of space and time to explore, but also stick to their nap and sleep schedules.

You both need the rest. Also, keep in mind that growth happens while sleeping, so it should be a top priority.

8 Month Baby Development - What To Expect
Image Source: Wikipedia.org


This is truly one of those months that you will be on your feet a lot. It really doesn’t get any easier as the baby grows, but you do get more confident. As stated above, this is the month of ensuring everything within your child’s path is safe and clean.

As a parent, to avoid getting overwhelmed, it is important to find some time for yourself. So, get a babysitter and go out for a couple of hours just to unwind.