7 Signs that your Child may be a Hyperactive Child

A hyperactive child is a child that suffers from ADHD – Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. This is a neurodevelopmental and complex disorder that affects the success of the child in school as well as in their day-to-day relationships.

There are many symptoms of ADHD, and sometimes, parents who have hyper kids may think that their child has ADHD, but that is not always the case. There are some distinct signs that can help you know for sure that your child has ADHD.

The diagnosis is usually made before the child is a teenager, and the average age for identifying that your child suffers from this disease is around seven years old. This is the age where the signs and symptoms clearly begin to show. To learn more about the sign, continue reading below.

7 Signs that your Child may be a Hyperactive Child
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Here are 7 Signs that your Child is Hyperactive


A child that has ADHD will likely find it difficult to place the needs of others above their own. For example, they may not understand that they have to wait their turn in an activity or game, and they also do not understand that they cannot take their turn immediately.

If you are in the middle of a conversation and the child wishes to speak, they will not understand that they have to wait, but will rather interrupt you and just start speaking. They cannot allow another person to finish their thoughts either. Their thoughts are of utmost importance to them.

Excessively Emotional

When your child has ADHD, you will notice that they tend to respond to situations with too much emotion. For example, their temper tempers will tend to flair out of control, and they are never in proportion to the triggers.

They also tend to laugh too much, or continuously even after everyone has already stopped laughing. They seem to lower their volume to try and control these responses, but it’s not always possible.

They will Always be in Motion

A child with ADHD finds it hard to sit still. In fact, you will never find them quietly seated waiting to do something or watching something. They tend to want to get up all the time, sit down again, and even roam around the room. 

You will see them trying to tap on their fingers or their feet, and sitting at the edge of the seat while they wiggle and squirm in an effort to try and get themselves free.

They Tend to Leave some Tasks Unfinished

This is common with ADHD. The child will constantly start something, even with the best intentions, and then leave the task and start others. They rarely see projects through. For example, you may notice while doing their homework, they are always getting bored or distracted. With this they may go on to something totally different and leave their homework incomplete.

Even chores will be treated the same way. They will seem excited about something and even start on it, and then all of a sudden they lose interest and don’t want to do it anymore.

They Cannot Focus

A child with ADHD tends to have some difficulty with staying focused. When you give them instructions, they seem like they heard you. However, if you ask what you told them to do, they will have no clue or recollection of what you said.


A child with ADHD will tend to make mistakes constantly on their own. To them, these are unimportant, and they will accumulate plenty of mistakes that would otherwise have been avoided if they were just slightly careful.  You may notice some constant typos and small mistakes when they are trying to carry out instructions, and they will also have trouble executing plans

For most people, the brain is used to remember the right way to do things, mostly from past experience. However, for a child with ADHD, their brains do not remember the tasks they may have done previously. In this case, tasks always seem to be new each time, and this makes it hard for them to execute the tasks properly.


A child with ADHD always seems to spacey, especially girls. If they are not moving constantly, you will notice them growing quiet, out of touch and a little dreamy while in a class. There is usually a certain lack of awareness of their surrounding and they are always a million miles away.

7 Signs that your Child may be a Hyperactive Child
Image Source: Wikipedia.org


Those are the most common signs for ADHD, but it’s important to note that almost all kids will tend to exhibit these behaviors time and again. You shouldn’t always worry that your child suffers from the disorder, and what you should do is check whether they are doing it frequently. 

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