7 Photos That Show the Similarities Between Princess Charlotte and Her Dad, Prince William

Princess Charlotte recently celebrated her 5th birthday, and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge decided to share some adorable photos of her, which prompted some fans to start commenting on the similarities in appearance between the Princess and her father.

Some of the comments said that they had similar eyes and that she was precious and beautiful like her grandmother – Princes Diana – and her father William. There were a few others who pointed out that she looked a little like her mother, as well.

But she doesn’t just look like her dad; the fans also identified similarities between Princess Charlotte and her second cousin, Lady Sarah Chatto. Below, we’ll take a look at the similarities between the princess and her daddy. There were plenty of images of Charlotte that were taken by her parents, and we used these for a side by side analysis on just how much the two look alike.

7 Photos That Show the Similarities Between Princess Charlotte and Her Dad, Prince William

1. All in the Smile

charlotte, young william
Image Source: Wikipedia.org

When the above side by side photos were published, they confused Prince William himself. The similarity is quite striking, despite the generational gap. Looking at the image, you can barely tell which image is of Charlotte and which one is of Prince William.

Their lips are identical, and look at the eyes. They look so similar, it’s wonderful. This photo would be confusing to almost anyone.

2. Facial Similarities

prince william, charlotte
Image Source: Wikipedia.org

Looking at these two photos, you would be mistaken to think you were looking at the same person. Prince William looks so much like his daughter Charlotte. The facial features are similar, and not to mention the chins and the mouth that look the same.

3. Back to School

prince william, charlotte at age 4
Image Source: Wikipedia.org

In these images, although the uniforms are different, the facial expressions, and most especially the biting of the lower lips, almost makes you think it’s the same person. These were photos of Prince William’s first day of school and Princess Charlotte’s, as well.

4. Out in Public

william and charlotte school pics
Image Source: Wikipedia.org

This is a photo of how Prince William met his first new teacher and also when Princess Charlotte met her new teacher. In both images, you can tell that they both had an equal measure of nerves and excitement. 

The images clearly show how similar they are, not only in their expressions, and how the look, but also how they react to similar events in their lives.

5. Baby Days

charlotte and george, william and harry
Image Source: Wikipedia.org

Here is a side by side image of Princess Charlotte looking cheeky and excited and a similar one of Prince William as a baby, looking just as cheeky. They are so alike, even in their expressions and reactions to life. Not to mention their similarity in appearance.

6. Striking Smirk

prince william, charlotte side eye
Image Source: Wikipedia.org

In these photos, they both appear to be bold even in front of the camera. Neither Prince William nor Princess Charlotte appear to be shy, and they seem to be putting on quite a show. There is definitely no mistaking the similarities on the mouth. These two look like twins.

7. Twins?

william, charlotte pics
Image Source: Wikipedia.org

Finally, look at this image of the two of them side by side. It does really look like it’s the same kid in both photos. The only difference is that you can tell the second image is of a girl due to the cute bows. Prince William on the left and Princess Charlotte on the right have the same beautiful hair, great expression and similar eyes. 


These images clearly show that the fans were not wrong in finding the similarities between this father and daughter duo. As Princess Charlotte keeps growing, we hope to have some more glimpses into how similar they are.