5 Parenting Hacks to Use During Quarantine

In a period when everyone feels exhausted from the weeks or months of quarantine, parenting can be hard. Especially considering that many of us still have no idea how much longer we’re going to have to handle all of this. It might be time to try out some different approaches to make things easier for you.

Some parents in the Facebook community of Coronavirus Parents have shared brilliant ideas that really help them pull through every week while juggling a home, education, daycare, and jobs all at once with no breaks. 

The most straightforward items can also go a long way to make a day feel more manageable. Here are some tips and hacks you, as a parent, should know during this quarantine. 

5 Parenting Hacks to Use During Quarantine
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Activities, Tasks, and Breaks for Everyone

The following ideas will help set up a routine and fill the hours with fresh content while improving the mental well-being and sense of duty of everyone.

Let a near relative Zoom or FaceTime the kids, read stories, or perform some interactive activity at a fixed time every day or on a given day of the week. This helps children bond with a loved one, acts as a lesson on literacy, and gives you a mental break.

Have allocated hours of silence, where children can choose to play or read quietly without screens. This allows you some time to recover and can provide space for adults to do something.

Every night run the dishwasher and expect the children to be responsible for unloading it every morning. With washing, you may do the same, and make children fold and put their own sheets away.

Find out what other things the kids just want to do and can do all on their own — whether it’s vacuuming, shaking doormats, watering plants, restocking toilet paper, taking out the recycling or cleaning the car — and make it into a weekly routine. You should try one of our painless ways of helping to make it happen!

Manage Every Meal for the Whole Family

Such hacks will help monitor the household food intake and waste, so you don’t need to go to the grocery store as much.It will also help avoid children (or spouses) from continually inquiring about food.

Fill a designated water bottle for each family member every morning to cut down on washing and refilling cups during the day, while keeping everyone hydrated.

Set out a healthy snack bowl that doles out a small amount for each member of the family, so they don’t overeat or come to you asking for snacks during the day.

Make extra-large meals on weekends, or anytime you have the room, so you can put leftovers in the freezer or fridge for whenever you need them. This will serve well for breakfast as well as lunch and dinner (pancakes, crepes, waffles, etc.)

Do the meal preparation work during random daytime hours; cut a vegetable or weigh dry ingredients here and there when you have 10 minutes. 

Keep up on Current Affairs

The news was continuously evolving every day at the start of the pandemic. Now that things have calmed down and people have adapted to a new standard, your radar may be off. However, knowing the ins and outs of government policies such as school closures and social distancing laws will ensure that your family remains safe during the pandemic.

Most people in the US often leave their homes for necessary journeys, such as going to the grocery store or doing other crucial errands. Still, things are also continually changing about such activities.

Make sure you do your part to avoid the spread by meeting all guidelines, such as using gloves and face masks while you are in public.

Get Outside

As social distancing is such a critical part of flattening the curve, it is crucial to remain mindful of who you associate yourself with at this point in time. Yet going out every now and then is also necessary to do your body some good. After all, the fresh air will do you well.

Visit your local park when staying away from railings, locks, or benches and six feet away from others.

Look for Ways to Learn

School may be closed for the time being, but that doesn’t mean you can put away the books. 

Rather than letting the children’s studies fall by the wayside, find innovative ways to enhance their understanding and develop their learning skills. Digital learning resources are numerous, including virtual tours of your local museum, zoo, or aquarium.

5 Parenting Hacks to Use During Quarantine
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These hacks can get you started on managing your family and your activities to keep you all safe, entertained, and healthy