5 Month Baby Development – What To Expect

Up until now, you have been the one to show affection to your baby. But, get ready to start seeing something back. You will want to live in that moment forever. At 5 months, your baby may start to hold their hands up to be picked up by you.

In addition, your baby is looking at the world around them and trying to touch everything. Your baby is exploring things within reach and putting them in their mouth. At this age, they will start to play little games with you as they begin to understand that actions have results.

A good example of this will be dropping an object and watching you pick it up. If you give your baby a toy, they will constantly play with you and the toy together. Your baby will actually be taking great delight in watching all of this unfold.

5 Month Baby Development - What To Expect
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Traits At 5 Months

Before this time, your baby may have been fascinated with bold primary colors. However, now they begin to sort out the subtle differences in colors.

Your baby will get much better at tracking small objects that are moving and may even be able to recognize a toy by just seeing a part of it. This means their eyesight is getting stronger and stronger.

Another major milestone you will notice at 5 months is that your baby will start to enjoy their own company. More particularly, when you leave them alone after changing to dispose of the diaper, or after a bath, they will play quietly with their hands.

Your baby will just be happy to be alone. Well, for short stretches of time that is. Do not leave your baby for too long because when they realize they are alone they may signal your attention with some very loud crying.

There will be a sudden and unusual calmness that will descend upon your baby, which was not the case a few months ago when they needed all of your attention every waking moment. They are now amusing themselves for short periods of time and can even sit in the crib just playing alone.

Equally, at 5 months, your baby will finally start to show a very strong attachment to you. Your baby will cry when you leave the room and smile when they see you.


As the baby continues to grow, their senses are also maturing month after month. A baby is always taking everything in. The colors, the smells, the people, and the places they visit, etc. Keep your baby engaged at all times.


At 5 months, your baby’s sight has come a long way and they can actually see much further than before. In fact, they can see several feet away without going cross-eyed. They can now also identify different colors.

Your baby is also becoming much more aware of their environment and can follow the course of a rolling ball or the movements of a sibling nearby.

You will often find your baby concentrating while holding a toy or staring intently at their own hands.

Your baby’s hand-eye coordination at 5 months has improved greatly. Watch your baby stare at an object for a while, and then reach out and grab it. Their mind finally understands that if they can see it, they can have it. Their hands should be able to take the things they want at this age.

Be careful because your baby will start grabbing other things as well, which can be dangerous for them. Therefore, you should make sure that no dangerous objects are within reach.


In order for your baby to develop the ability to talk, hearing is very crucial. At 5 months, they are beginning to pick up parts of speech.

When your baby was just a few months younger, they would respond to the tone of your voice. If your tone was soothing, they would stop crying. If you sounded agitated, they would assume something is wrong.

Now, your baby is able to pick up different words and the way they form sentences. In the next few months, you will notice your baby react to words like “no” and even recognize their own name.

Your baby is also probably cooing a lot and babbling with an attempt to imitate sounds. These are actually your baby’s first attempts at talking, so do not overlook that.

Taste And Smell

It is still too early to test their sense of taste, and, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) you should still be feeding your child breast of formula milk exclusively. So, all your baby has tasted at 5 months is milk.

When it comes to smell, they will turn towards smells they favor such as their parents.

5 Month Baby Development - What To Expect
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As the first 5 months are coming to an end, you should be looking forward to the 6th month of your baby’s life. This is one of the best months and marks some very big milestones. So, look forward to that and the introduction of solid foods into their diet.