5 Enlightening Movies about Down Syndrome to Watch with Your Family

How your body works is determined by genes. They learn determine hair color and how the body can digest food. When there is something abnormal with the genes, the effects have big consequences. People with extra chromosomes have a condition known as down syndrome.

These extra chromosomes affect the body at a wide range, both mentally and physically. This condition is not curable; therefore if anyone in your family has it, all you can do is help them live a long and meaningful life. It’s essential to understand the symptoms and treatments for down syndrome as a family.

Experts have derived various means of creating awareness about down syndrome, helping you and your family understand them clearly. Several movies have been designed to educate people on how they can help people with down syndrome and different types of the condition. Check out some of these movies below.

5 Enlightening Movies about Down Syndrome to Watch with Your Family

The Same Dream

This film explains how the down syndrome condition starts as early as in the womb. The director tries to describe how no one has a say in how tall a person is, the color of their eyes, or how they will speak. No one can indeed predict how the infant will look until they are born.

After the child is born with down syndrome, it can be challenging to ensure they are well cared for. The best solution is helping them live a happy life and treating them with love and respect. With this, The Same Dream will serve your family well.

This movie will help you understand the challenges they go through and how you can help them build high self-esteem when you have a loved one with down syndrome. At times, they may have speaking problems, and others might not realize it. As a family, you will learn how to converse with them.

Looking Down Upon

This movie covers the story of a young girl living with down syndrome. It will enlighten you and your loved ones on how a person with down syndrome can live a healthy life. It’s about a girl in England who is currently receiving a transformation.

Dr. Feuerstein has devoted himself to helping her live a healthy life and transforming her through treatments. His institute is in Jerusalem. This film will help your family have hope in down syndrome treatments. You will also be enlightened on various forms of treatment.

Moreover, this movie shows how important it is to combine love and professionalism to change another person’s life.

Raising the Bar

This movie explains how people with down syndrome can also play a part in society. It will enlighten you and your family about the possibility of having a person with down syndrome winning awards and giving back to the community. This movie helps you have a positive attitude to help a loved one with the condition.

It points out that there are greatness and potential in everyone, even people with down syndrome. If you had a negative attitude towards someone with this condition, this film is a foundation to transform you. By the end of the movie, you will have a new insight into such people.

The Peanut Butter Falcon

The movie features a person with down syndrome working hard to make his dreams a reality. He runs from a nursing home to pursue his dream as a wrestler. He meets a coach and an ally who is ready to help him achieve his goals on his journey.

When watching this movie, expect inspiration on how important it is to allow someone with down Syndrome to pursue their dreams.

5 Enlightening Movies about Down Syndrome to Watch with Your Family

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

You will see how this child is determined to make his dream as a reality as an inventor, pacifist, and Francophile. This film tells the story of a young boy’s journey of self-discovery. His father always encouraged him to be optimistic as he viewed the world differently.

It shows how, despite having a down syndrome, he can use his mind to do well and share his inventions with society.

Bottom Line

People with down syndrome have no say in the matter since it’s a defect received even before birth. For this reason, the best thing a family can do is help them live a happy life. These movies are designed to encourage your family about how it’s possible to embrace such people and help them achieve their dreams.