4 Great Apps for New Parents – Discover Them Here

Parenthood is one of the most daunting journeys ever, which is why many parents are going through unspeakable pressures to raise happy, safe, and well-balanced children. There were very few resources back in the day that parents could use to make their experience more comfortable, so many of them had to rely on babysitters, daycare, and relatives to get some of the load off their backs. 

Things are definitely better nowadays, thanks to technology. This is especially true for mothers, because having immediate help in your pocket can reduce stress and improve the journey of child-rearing.

A newborn’s first year of life may be critical to his or her mental and physical development, but it may also be challenging to navigate all that goes into making sure they’re healthy and thriving. This is where these devices for babies come in. Each is designed to make life easier for parents, covering tricky subjects such as breastfeeding, health care, sleep training, and more.

4 Great Apps for New Parents - Discover Them Here
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Cloud Baby Monitor

Baby alarms were the only thing that could let parents know that their child is awake and in need of care. Still, in this day and age, the use of apps such as Cloud Baby Monitor will give parents some time off while also allowing them to watch over their bundle of joy during sleep. 

Equipped with helpful features such as noise and motion warnings, music, and two-way video chat, this app is a real super device to make sure your child is safe in their crib.

Baby Gogo

This app will be useful as it provides all relevant information about pregnancy, childcare, and health, while also providing parents with the opportunity to compete and win rewards. There is also a growth chart for those who want to track the growth of their baby.

It is essential to mention that you can also use the app to set vaccination reminders and store the medical documents of your child. Also, if you want to read parenting articles, BabyGogo has a wide range of topics, including potty training, nutrition, and behavior.


Every new parent knows that a baby can be cute in many inexplicable ways. As such, the best way to make it memorable is to take an adorable picture and then store it somewhere it won’t clog up the photo album on your phone. 

Well, Tinybeans is an app that does exactly what it says — it offers unlimited photo storage. In addition, you have an opportunity to create memories and read useful tips on how to get more involved and less stressed as a parent.


Being a new mother has its own challenges, and so many women have to be alone with a baby all day long. Even with all the love that a mother has for her child, it can often get boring and lonely. 

That’s why keeping in contact with others will make you feel more connected and valued. Sometimes, we just need to speak to someone who cares and using apps to make friends will boost your life dramatically and help you find new moms to talk to. 

Having like-minded people around can be extremely helpful because nothing is more liberating than being able to chat with other mothers about the challenges of motherhood. With Peanut, you can connect with those who know precisely what you are going through.

Sound Sleeper 

During their first 12 months of life, babies can be difficult sleepers, so it can be beneficial to use a handy device that emits white noise sounds. The simple free version still offers several choices, such as white noise music and a simplified menu, which will not annoy the baby. 

There are also other beautiful features, such as your own lullabies and tracking the baby’s sleep to learn more about their sleeping patterns. Using white noise apps can help you spend the night in peace because your baby will most likely sleep without disturbance.

However, there are indications that white noise affects children’s possible developmental issues, so be careful and stop using the app immediately if you find any behavioral problems.

4 Great Apps for New Parents - Discover Them Here
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Being a first-time parent isn’t always a picnic, but you can be a more prosperous and satisfied parent by being level-headed, exercising, and scheduling your own time. All of these devices will definitely help you navigate the waters of your parenthood with greater ease. 

Your partner should be involved as well, so don’t hesitate to ask for help if you’re ever feeling swamped by too much work. Remember that being a parent is all about always learning, so don’t be afraid to be wrong as long as you are still trying to change your baby and become a better parent.