3 Reasons to Keep Baby Clothes After They Outgrow Them

Even those children who have grown up and left the nest, leave behind clothes that have not seen the light of day in years. Those stacks of clothing take up space, but they are not being used to their full potential. 

Indeed, the jeans with their worn-out knees have some life and purpose left in them. Instead of letting old children’s clothes take over your house or end up in a landfill, you can give them a second life. 

Below are some of the reasons why you need to keep your child’s outgrown clothing! Read on to learn more.

3 Reasons to Keep Baby Clothes After They Outgrow Them


You Can Donate Your Baby’s Clothes, Instead of Selling 

Donating outgrown clothes to a charity or shelter gives you the satisfaction of supporting others. Still, it also helps you take the retail value of the donation as a tax deduction. 

Please don’t donate clothing that you wouldn’t put on your child (because of their condition) if they could still fit into it. Drop your outgrown clothes into donation boxes for Goodwill, the Salvation Army, the Make-a-Wish Foundation, or the Red Cross.

It seems like a no-brainer to donate old kids’ clothes to charity. Nonetheless, this one is better said than done. The donation of clothes includes preparation, preparing, and washing. 

Start with a donation stack. Place anything that is in good shape and wearable in this bag or box and close it. Don’t overthink it, and don’t look back. Your baby’s clothes are going to the people who need it more. 

You Can Upcycle or Recycle Your Baby’s Clothes

If you’re sewing, another fresh idea to do is to upcycle your baby’s clothes into quilts. This is a perfect craft for those sentimental garments. The older or older the kid is, the more clothes they are likely to obtain from engaging in all their sports, for example. 

Cut each washed and dried shirt into a quilting square, holding both the front and center of the graphics. Apply quilting to the back to stabilize the stretched cotton material and follow any regular quilting tutorial if you are a first-timer. 

T-shirt quilts are perfect presents to celebrate significant occasions in your child’s life, such as the first day of college. If your household is going through a roll of paper towels, the trash-worthy clothing will save you some money and waste. 

Cotton bits of clothing make the right garments for washing and drying. Polyester children’s clothing pieces are useful, too. Turn the things into dusting rags. Cut out the collar edges, and the clothing seams with a sharp pair of scissors. Cut the rest of the fabric into the size of the rag you like.

Pass Your Baby’s Clothes On

Pass the outgrown clothes on to younger parents, relatives, or friends in need. When someone in your family is giving birth, volunteer to give your baby’s clothes to them. That way, you can still see it put into good use. 

If you want to pass it on to other people, consider choosing a shop that pays straight rather than commission. This will encourage you to use the money you receive for clothes of their current size or other family needs. 

Many resale stores specializing in children’s apparel will refuse items that are ripped, stained, fading, and/or missing buttons.

Tips for Storing Your Baby’s Clothes

3 Reasons to Keep Baby Clothes After They Outgrow Them


Before storing clothes for future use, wash everything in warm water with mild soap. Take the time to clean your whites and take care of any stains. 

You’ll need to rewash everything before use, but the longer the clothes stay discolored and dirty, the easier it is to get them back to their former glory. Finally, make sure all the things are completely dry before packing them away.


Keeping your baby’s clothes is not a waste of time or storage. Many people have a hard time letting go of things. These tips will help you give it to the people who need it more or reuse them.