3 Great DIY Baby Food Recipes That Are Healthy And Safe

Creating DIY baby food recipes means you always know exactly what you are feeding your child. When your baby turns 6 months old, you start thinking about what foods to feed them, and this allows you to really experiment with recipes and introduce some flavors into your baby’s life.

There are plenty of ways to feed a small child, and the grocery stores have certainly tried to make it easier on parents. You can buy ready-made foods for your little one, but experts have always advised that you should try and cook the meals for your baby at home.

You really do not need to be a master chef to make some sumptuous meals for your baby. 

You just need to follow some easy-to-make recipes for you, but ones that also ensure baby is getting all the essential nutrients. Up next are three nutritious recipes for your little one. 

3 Great DIY Baby Food Recipes That Are Healthy And Safe
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Potato Puree

Potatoes are filled with potassium and make for a wonderful meal that can be mixed with veggies. Follow the steps outlined below to make your very first potato puree for your baby that shall do them a world of good.

Find the right potatoes

We all have potatoes in the house, but for the baby, look for those that are firm, and free from blemishes or cracks or soft spots. Try and avoid potatoes that have already started to sprout. One medium potato is enough to make 5 ounces of puree for your baby.

Step 1 – Wash and prepare the potato. This shall involve washing it in cold water and scrubbing the skin off with a small brush in order to get rid of the dirt.

Step 2 – Cooking the potato. Boil the potato in a saucepan and reduce the heat when it starts to bubble. Cook it until you can see that it is tender. This shall take around 15 minutes. Drain the water and rinse the potato in water to stop the cooking.

Step 3 – Pureeing the potato. Puree the potato using a blender or a food processor until it is nice and smooth. Add in some water, or formula or even breast milk to make it extra creamy. 

Step 4 – Serve after cooling, and keep the rest in the refrigerator.

Avocado Puree

Avocados are great for babies because they are rich in Omega-3 which is a brain boosting fat. They are also creamy and buttery in texture which is great for babies. Here is a step by step process of preparing an avocado puree.

Step 1 – The key to having a great puree is ensuring that you choose the right avocado. If you press the avocado with your thumb and it leaves an indent, the avocado is ready. Look for one that is firm in texture, but gives when you squeeze it. You can choose the color you wish, but that doesn’t indicate the ripeness of the avocado.

Step 2 – Wash and peel it, then slice it.  Slice it right in the middle and work around the pit. Twist it to remove it from the pit. Using a spoon, scoop out the avocado flesh and slice it down.

Step 3 – Mash it in a bowl or in a food processor until it is smooth and creamy. Add some water as desired, or some breast milk.

Step 4 – Serve the puree to the baby. This is a favorite with babies, but if you like, you can combine it with some bananas to make it extra tasty. If there is any left over, keep in mind that avocados do not refrigerate well, so you may have to get rid of it. 


This is a fan favorite with the babies, because it is extremely sweet, and apples are filled with fiber and rich in Vitamin C. here’s a step-by-step process on how to make it delicious.

Step 1 – Use some fresh apples. There are plenty of apples all year round, and they are crispy, flavorful and juicy. Look for the firm ones that are free of blemishes and bruises.

Step 2 – Wash and peel the apples. Wash the apple in three mixtures of water. One part should have some vinegar, which is good for removing bacteria, then rinse under cool running water, and then dry the apple and peel it.

Step 3 – Core and then cut it into small pieces. Use a clean cutting board for this. Slice then remove the core of each apple slice.  

Step 4 – Cooking the apple. Bring it to a boil in a saucepan, and reduce the heat when you see the bubbles forming. Cook until tender. This should take around 10 minutes. It is important to use low heat so you can preserve the nutrients.

Step 5

 – Puree the apples. You can use a food processor to ensure they are blended until smooth. Add some water or breast milk when needed. Serve after cooling, and you can keep the leftovers in the fridge.

3 Great DIY Baby Food Recipes That Are Healthy And Safe
Image Source: Wikipedia.org.


These are the top 3 most popular purees for children. They are nutritious, easy to make and they ensure the baby is full since they are also delicious. If you’re looking for more recipes, you can also check out motherhood blogs  for inspiration.