Mar 182013

A new member is coming to your family, and you’ll need to start getting stuff for him or her 🙂  Maybe not as much exciting as “a new baby,” but still lots of fun to buy for the new member. Let’s start with the big ones:

A. Furniture

Maybe it’s a good idea to start the place where the baby will sleep – hopefully long hours 🙂 We can list the big items in couple of headings:

1. Bed

  • Bassinet
  • Co-Sleeper
  • Crib
  • Pack and Play

2. Bedding

  • Bedding Sets
  • Mattress
  • Blankets
  • Crib mobile
  • Decorations

3. Rocking Chair

4. Changing Table

Starting with the next post, I will start giving short descriptions and examples for all of them individually. Most probably many of you don’t need descriptions for these items; however I still want to go through them quickly for the new moms / dads. I remember my first shopping experience for my first boy – we had really hard time with my husband, we didn’t know many of those items, the differences etc. So, just in case any of you is in our situation – this is the place that you will find all you need for your little baby J

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