Aug 192013

Hi, as mentioned in the previous post in the next couple of posts I will try to list here the things you will/may need for breastfeeding :

Nursing Covers

Some moms are really comfortable outside while they are feeding their babies; while some others (like me), looking for some privacy while breastfeeding. If you are like me I suggest you to buy or to sew a Nursing Cover for yourself.

I sewed one for myself and It wasn’t difficult at all.

On the other hand; instead of having a nursing cover, you may want to use a blanket for covering yourself.

Well, blankets are also fine but when your baby gets older (like 2-3 months) they start to pull everything. It’s hard to cover up baby while he/she only wants pull the cover. With the nursing cover, you will tight up from your neck so the baby can not pull the cover.

I suggest you to have one. Usually they are about $15 – $20 range.

If you decide to buy; you should check :
the size (you wouldn’t want to end up something small – which is not enough for your baby)
the material / fabric (it will touch your baby’s skin, so soft fabric should be better)

Here are some examples; best selling – top rated and lowest price :


Here are some more nursing cover pictures to give you ideas.



Aug 162013

There are 2 main sections in this area :

  • Breastfeeding
  • Bottle feeding

I will try to cover breastfeeding first – since most of the moms have this opportunity.

If you have a chance to breastfeed your baby, it is the best – both for you and for your baby (I think I’ll cover ‘Why breastfeeding is good for you and for the baby?’ in the future posts – I’m leaving this subject for now). You don’t need to worry about bottles, warmers, cleaning the bottles etc. I believe that if you are not worried about breast milk (means if you’re not concerned about this) you will have breast milk. The less stress you have, the more breast milk you have – in general… If you have some problems with nursing, you can always get some help from a Lactation Consultant. A simple search on Google gives you many results for lactation consultants. For example, there is New York Lactation Consultant Association – which you can get help on this subject (

Here’s the main list of items that I will cover for Breastfeeding :

  1. Nursing covers
  2. Nursing pillow
  3. Nursing bra and clothing
  4. Breastpump
  5. Breastfeeding accessories


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