Mar 262013

Hi again everybody… The simple list is almost over, we only have a couple more item groups : TRAVEL – CLOTHING – TOYS… Actually only 2, there’s not much to list on ‘toys’ section (actually there are many items to list as you may guess; however we don’t need to list them specifically in a ‘baby needs list‘)

Let me try to cover all the items that you will need for a travel with your little one :

A. Car Seat
1. Infant car seat
2. Convertible car seat

B.    Stroller
1. Frame stroller
2. Full size stroller
3. Lightweight stroller
4. Jogging Stroller
5. Double stroller

C. Accessories
1. Stroller organizer
2. Bundle me
3. Car seat and stroller travel bag


I hope later today, or tomorrow I’ll make the final list for ‘Baby Clothing’ and then the fun will start – going into deep for each section 🙂 Once I’ll start writing for each section / sub-section, I’ll have pictures / videos / first hand experiences – so you will have richer content… hopefully… 🙂

Until then, take care…


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