Mar 252013

Hi all… Today I’ll try to make separate 2 lists :

1 – The baby gear that you will need – mostly- when your little one becomes couple of months old : the products that will help you to get out with your baby, and the products that your baby will use in your home.

2 – “Health and Safety” products. This group of products is also for the couple of months old babies – we need them especially when our little ones start to move around / crawl / walk… Our homes can be really dangerous places for the babies, if we don’t take any precaution steps. I read somewhere that the best thing to do is to crawl all around the house like a baby (sounds crazy, right? 🙂 ). And with this way, you can see / notice all possible dangers for the little ones. The list that I will provide won’t cover every home’s needs of course – but these are some of the basic staff that you will need to consider to buy when the time comes…


A. Carriers
B. Swings
C. Bouncers/Rockers
D. Playards
E. Baby gym and playmats
F. Baby seats
G. Activity centers
H. Travel beds


A. Monitors
B.  Gates and doorways
C.  Locks,straps,plugs,etc.
D.  Humidifiers

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